AVD-2000 uses an industrial touch monitor module, equipped with Aversix DCD Technology, and can be used with a 10.4" ~ 24" LCD display module according to customer requirements. It supports the input of VGA, DVI and DisplayPort display signals, as well as the input of USB and COM port signals to control the touch monitor. In addition, AVD-2000 also provides computer and power ignition control switching functions, which can be used in a wider range of fields. At the same time through the input over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP) and voltage reverse protection (RVP) functions, with wide voltage input DC 9 to 48V and ambient temperature of -20°C to +65°C operating range, making it very suitable for use in harsh environment.

ProductModel NameVideo InputI/O
AVD-20001x VGA
1x DVI-D
1x DisplayPort
1x Remote Power On/Off Connector
1x USB 2.0
1x COM
1x Audio