AVG series GPU computers are equipped with Aversix Convertible Expansion Module (CEM) technology, which can provide flexible PCIe expansion capabilities and can be used with suitable GPU cards according to different usage requirements. The additional GPU card can greatly reduce the CPU load, and provide more powerful computing performance and image processing capabilities, which is very suitable for industrial applications that require high-speed computing.

AVG-3110 Series

AVG-3110 series adopts the Intel 9th / 8th core-i (Coffee-lake-R/S) processor, and is equipped with Aversix CEM Technology. It is a modular PCIe expansion capability GPU system that can be used with RTX-2080 level GPU cards. AVG-3110 series with high-order GPU Card (250W) can reduce CPU load and obtain more high-speed image computing power, which is very suitable for image identification, security monitoring, unmanned intelligent vehicles, factory automation, big data transmission and other fields.